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A wide variety of customers enjoy the extensive line of Rich Art Color Company's high-caliber and time-tested products.


Teachers rely on our art supplies to inspire creativity in classrooms filled with students of all ages. Our products are non-toxic, allowing educators to stimulate the development of their students safely and without the mess.


Artists value our premium paints for their durability, color variety, and ease of use.

Parents & Children

Kids are able to choose from a colorful and exciting array of our paints and decorative glues. Since our paints are washable, parents can watch their child's imagination run wild without the mess.


For generations, crafters have enjoyed using Rich Art's paints and glues for their unique and imaginative projects.


Many businesses, big and small, use our window paints and other items for presentations, reports, and even office decorations. From floor marking to signage to window treatments, businesses value the quality and consistency of our line of products.