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How do I order Rich Art products?

Our website is fully commerce-enabled and we ship anywhere in the United States. For orders over $500.00 please email us at orders@richartcolor.com or call us at (201) 767-0009 to place an order.

Are Rich Art products non-toxic?

Our products are certified non-toxic and carry the Arts and Creative Materials Institute Approved Product seal for Non-Toxic Products.

Our products DO NOT contain: Tree nuts, Peanuts, Dairy, Eggs, Wheat Gluten, Natural Rubber Latex
Our products DO contain: Corn

How can I get the washable paints out of clothing?

Advisory: These paints wash out of most washable children's clothing. For best results, wash promptly in warm water and line dry. Difficult stains may require repeat washing. May not wash off all hard surfaces or fabrics. Keep away from materials that cannot be laundered.

Are your products tested for lead?

Our products are tested for lead by certified independent labs and conform strictly to the standards.

Where can I find Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) for your products?

MSDSs are available upon request by emailing info@richartcolor.com or by calling Rich Art Customer Service at 201-767-0009.
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